More paranormal investigations

Due to disagreements with the company that conducted this investigation, I have taken down this post as I do not wish to maintain any associations with them.
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6 thoughts on “More paranormal investigations

  1. Helen says

    This was really interesting icy. You seem to be Clairsentience to me, feeling energy around you. I do after reading this wonder if you are compelled to write about these characters – an underlying urge that may just be coming from somewhere else – Maybe Grey was a real life person after all 🙂

  2. FARfetched says

    I figure in another generation, spirits will use txtspk on Ouija boards.

    Pretty cool, making contact with Grey like that, although you didn’t need an Ouija board. “Many of the people … bring spirits in with them,” and it sounds like you were one of them!

  3. Icy Sedgwick says

    Helen – I’ve tried looking Grey up and I can’t find any records of him, though that’s hardly surprising. He’s a lovely character so I guess I was as pleased as I was freaked out when he said hello.

    Jen – But is he my character?! I don’t know any more!

    FAR – I’ve had an illiterate person come through before but I will be genuinely amazed the first time I get a “lmao” or “brb”.

  4. Nerine Dorman says

    Oh, wow! This is so fascinating. I totally feel that fictional characters can take on a kind of half life, especially once they cross over into the realms of a shared subconsciousness.


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