A Real Life Ghost Hunt

Due to disagreements with the company that conducted this investigation, I have taken down this post as I do not wish to maintain any associations with them.

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9 thoughts on “A Real Life Ghost Hunt

  1. Marisa Birns says

    You are amazingly brave. I would find it so hard to spend an evening in a “haunted” house.

    Perhaps the voice you heard banging crockery around was annoyed at the uninvited guests for dinner 🙂

    George Washington slept there, eh. That’s so cool. Over here, there are many places where Washington supposedly slept.

    He must have been very rested!

  2. Helen says

    This was a fascinating read. How I would have liked to have been there too!

    Have you ever seen a ghost? The last time I saw one was when I was working in a place called the Manor House that had been converted into an old peoples home. I walked down the old wing, went to switch on the light but it didn’t work, which meant I had to walk the length of the hallway to get to the other light switch. As a passed the bathroom, a smokey apparition appeared in the doorway, an old man complete with walking frame. When I made it to the other light switch and switched on he disappeared.

    I mentioned it to some staff that had been there far longer than I and described what I saw. They knew who it was and sadly he had hung himself in that very bathroom. I think that ghost was like a blue print of the past replaying itself.

    Helen from helen-scribbles.

  3. Christopher says

    Sounds really interesting! I don’t believe in the supernatural but do find things like this fascinating, and would love to go on something like this to experience it for myself.

    Love the last line of this post, Icy! 🙂

  4. FARfetched says

    I would be skeptical of digital devices in this line of work. Instinct suggests that paranormal activity isn’t compatible with the digital world, but then again a lot of people think their computers are possessed. 😛 As always, though, I’ll defer to the experts.

    If the investigation didn’t yield a jackpot, maybe it gave you some ideas? That’s what’s important, right?

  5. Icy Sedgwick says

    Marisa – Well I’ll be honest, I wasn’t overly keen on doing any of the lone vigils in the dark! I’m not sure that George Washington ever visited – there are no records that he did, but his ancestral family certainly did.

    Helen – I haven’t seen anything, except out of the corner or my eye, but I’ve heard things before – my usual thing is “smelling” them.

    Christopher – It was really interesting, and I hope to do more of them.

    FAR – Instinct can suggest a lot of things but in this case the evidence speaks for itself. I heard other examples of EVP and the phenomenon itself has been widely documented. Indeed, these are merely scientific tools and as the supernatural or paranormal are simply branches of science that we do not fully understand yet, why should we not use scientific tools in these investigations? And as I said in my penultimate paragraph, it did indeed give me ideas.

  6. Monica Marier says

    Wow. you could give Yvette Fielding a run for her money. EXCELLENT report of your investigation, Mistress Von Doom. It was informative, and still chilling without sounding overly theatrical.
    As for your bravery, I’m frankly astounded. Rooms that give off bad vibes reduce me to the screaming meemees in mere minutes! Well done, Icy!

  7. Mari says

    I’d never go ghost hunting alone, but I’d sure love to have some hard facts on the subject. If only my ghost experiences were recorded… Very cool report, Icy!

  8. John Wiswell says

    How did the entity keep drawing attention to the group?

    I’m uncertain about Mr. FAR’s skepticism on compatibility. Both digital devices and supposed ghosts interact with the same physical world. If there are traces of the latter, then the former might remark them. Not an optimal interface, but if we had an optimal interface then we’d know a great deal more about the subject matter.

  9. Icy Sedgwick says

    Monica – Wouldn’t be difficult, Yvette wees herself at the slightest noise! You’d think being on a programme called “Most Haunted” might give her a clue, wouldn’t you?

    Mari – I’ll see if I can get some proper EVPs done next time.

    John – It just kept dragging a glass to one member of the group. Now, not everyone had their finger on the glass at the same time, and we had a different combination of people throughout the seance, so it’s unlikely any of us were pushing it.

    Personally, I think digital works better because while yes, it’s easier to tamper with digital photos than it is those taken on film, it’s easier to discount certain problems like irregularities on the tape/film.


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